What You Will Need When Relocating To Portugal

Relocating from your native country to Portugal will prove to be a great experience. It can become hassle-free if you understand the process better. As a general requirement, having a visa and a bank account is necessary to shift to most of the countries. After fulfilling the appropriate requirements, relocating to Portugal would be effortless. 

What Do You Need To Do?

The following requirements have to be met before relocating to Portugal:

  • If you belong to the Schengen area, you will not need a visa for visits if they do not exceed three months. If you are not, consider checking whether your country has any visa-related agreement with Portugal.
  • You will have to apply for a visa with the Portugal embassy in your country of origin. The embassy will ask for your passport, visa application, return tickets and appropriate account balance to prove your means of sustenance. 
  •  If you wish to relocate or if you have already checked the lifestyle and other aspects, you could apply for temporary residence. It is different from applying for a tourist visa and will require more documents and fact-checking. 

What Are The Requirements For A Residence Visa?

The embassy will ask for the required documents or you could hire an agent or agency to help with the residence visa. After applying successfully and getting a residence visa, you will have to fulfil many requirements. Lisbon and Porto are the most visited places. The houses or flats are not too expensive. Expatriates can choose to rent them or buy them.

After getting a house, expats should focus on availing the basic facilities. It would be better to learn the local language as it helps in gaining acceptance of the neighbours and in socializing. Once you have known your locality well, your stay is going to be comfortable and enjoyable. If you have a family, finding a good education centre is essential. It will help in integrating your children with the new neighbourhood and teach them about the culture of their new country.

What Are Other Ways Of Gaining Residence?

You can gain permanent residence through a lot of means but Portugal investment visa is important. There are a lot of options under the Golden Visa program to choose from and the applicants can easily gain permanent residence through it, in a few years. 

The applicants need no management experience, language certificate, or other such strict requirements. It is an easy process and the applicant should be 18 years or older, and must legally be a citizen of their country of origin. They will have to invest for 5 years or more and above a certain amount to be able to get the visa. It is easily available, quickly processed, and the best method to gain permanent residence in Portugal.

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