Real Time Facts About How Brexit Has Affects On European Travel!

Travelling around the world has become one of the most crucial part of people life and that is why they are willingly spending hectic amount of money for travelling to other countries. If you are UK citizen and want to know how brexit has affects on european travel then you should read this article very carefully as we are giving in-depth information about all your questions regarding how brexit has affects on european travel. One fact that can’t be denied is that value of Pound has decreased significantly (as compared with recent years) after the announcement that UK will withdraw from European Union. The situation is even worse if you compare the Pound current money exchange rates with USD and Euro. So, financially you can clearly see the impact of European Union withdrawal affects.

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Here are facts those will become part of your travel after Brexit decision –

  1. Borderless travel is no longer applicable – All the UK citizens have to obtain visa from country that they want to visit and that will take toll on your pocket for sure. Before the European Union withdrawal, there was no need of any kind of visa to visit European countries but now it will become necessary. Now, you have to stand in non-EU citizen line that will make your travel all the more hectic.   
  2. Increase in airfare – You should also understand the fact that airfare will increase due to Brexit decision as most of the EU airlines charge in Euro currency. While British Pound is dropping as compared with Euro, it is expected that airfare will be higher for UK Citizens.    
  3. Weak Pound value – One of the key factor behind lot of trouble is Euro value as compared with the Pound as now you have to exchange currency into Euro for travelling into Europe. Currency exchange charges will also bring negative effect on your budget and you will feel 2% to 4% reduced budget only for money conversion as per the current currency value.  
  4. Lower compensation for flight delays – European Union is not that strict against the flight delays as compared with the UK and that will affect your flight delay claims. Most of the European airlines are first choice of people as they offer cheap air-ticket as compared with British Airways. But now, you also won’t be able to claim the flight delay compensation as that is not applicable in European Union.   
  5. EHIC card failure – One of the most important privilege that UK citizens will lose during their travels is EHIC card benefits. You won’t be able to enjoy free treatments in the European countries as this card will become invalid for the UK citizens. In fact, you have to opt for international health insurance for your travel and that will make huge burden on your travel budget.

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Hence, there are many other facts those will make travelling in Europe hectic with Brexit decision to exit from European Union. It is advised that you should read more information on this issue to know other facts that have become common with European travels!   

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