A Taste Of Traditional English Hospitality At Its Best

Travelers and tourists visit England for its culture, civilisation, and natural scenery. They expect warm and cordial treatment from the locals.  Guests also love to savor the taste of the famous afternoon tea. The Beales hotels live up to all the desires and expectations of foreigners as well as natives. The traditional hoteliers have a rich history that spans more than 9 generations and 250 years.


  • Ratings in the hospitality sector say a lot about the quality of services. The four stars rated hotel has competent staff, comfortable furniture, and a delightful ambiance.
  • Appearance or look is very important for guests from diverse cultures. The stylish lodgings have a dignified look with stylish architectural designs.
  • The interior spaces are just as significant as the facades and parking areas. The well-furnished inns have luxurious rooms and hygienic diners.
  • Decorative features attract the attention of a discerning guest or two. The Beales hotels welcome visitors with comfortable furnishings and soothing lights.
  • Tourists and lodgers like to stay at places with efficient access to transport. These lodgings are well connected to road and rail services.
  • The Hospitality sector is built on reputation, resilience, and remarkable service. The hotels’ excellence certificates and awards speak volumes of their competence.

Features and Services

Luxury seeking travelers have words of high praise for the Beales hotels. The stylish property has modern amenities and friendly services of impeccable quality. Two great locations are well complemented by a courteous and smiling staff. The decor comprises of elegant furniture and unique redwood panels. The hotels are not only accommodative, but also well kept with a clean, green, and contemporary look.  

  1. The fashionable hotels are well suited for lodging, dining, and business events. Private weddings, birthdays, and festive galas can also be hosted in great spirits.
  2. Guests can choose from contemporary or executive classrooms. There are other options like luxury and family suites, or accessible rooms.
  3. The restaurant serves delightful and delicious afternoon tea. The other highlights are in-room servings, bar, and club dining.
  4. Business executives can check-in into corporate suites for their conferences. There are special packages and menus for celebratory or professional events.
  5. The reception and service personnel are charming, kind, and courteous. The guests receive a patient hearing, and all their problems are solved immediately.
  6. The luxury hotels are also a perfect choice for golf stays and weekend picnics. Guests can relax or play in great comfort, and enjoy tasty food and drinks.
  7. The premises of the two highly rated inns are convenient and welcoming. The reputed services are also well known for free parking spaces.

The Beales hotels stand out for their excellence in the hospitality sector. The properties have a modern, stylish, and luxurious appearance. The four-star rating speaks of exquisite quality and impeccable range of services. Guests are spoiled for choice in the form of family rooms, luxury suites, and special packages. The restaurants serve delicious food and drinks, while the staff is courteous and well behaved.

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